Sunday, January 16, 2011

Prabatak Home

Yesterday we went to Prabartak Home. Rosalie's 'kids' couldn't possibly give out any more smiles and greetings of 'hello' and hand shakes if they tried. We were each attached to one of kids and traced their outline on large sheets of paper. They each looked into mirrors to draw their faces and used pastels to color in their clothing, etc. Some were very excellent artists, others needed guidance, but it was truly a hands-on activity, a sharing of our skills in every way. Tate took wonderful photos of each person holding up their self portraits. These visits help build friendship and self esteem for people who are otherwise abandoned by society and family. Our presence shows that people care, especially as several of us are back from last year (when we took everyone on an outing at Millennium Park). There was a new boy at the home who at first looked shy/afraid and was hesitant to participate. The others encouraged him, taking his hands and guiding him. By the end of the day when the kids were playing drums and singing, this boy was laughing and dancing. It is truly a family, not an orphanage, as explained by Rosalie and as witnessed by the volunteers.

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