Friday, January 14, 2011

Back 'home' in Calcutta

Smooth flight to Delhi, a little delay with our connection but by 2AM we were snug in our rooms at the Fairlawn Hotel. Up at 8AM, awakened by the dhobi washing clothes outside our room. Quick shower, a good morning to Mrs. Smith and John Fowler in the breakfast room and by 9:30AM settled in for tea and breakfast with David. The whole crew was up by 10 (OK, I had to wake up Willson, Kira an Tate) but by 11 we were briefed on our week's activities by Rosalie. Today we will go to Prabartak Home for disabled adults and do an art project with the residents, or, as Rosalie puts it, her 'kids' aged 20 to 30. They are to draw a full size piece of art depicting themselves, with assistance from the volunteers. This project and accompanying photos will be included in an informational book about the various Empower the Children projects here both to enhance the self esteem of the children and at the Preyrona schools and to educate others about life for the less fortunate in Calcutta.

I am so excited to be here not only with the volunteers, Gary and Patty and David back from last year, and our new volunteers Caitlin, Chelsea and Barry and Andrea, but my kids! To see Willson and Kira sitting at breakfast is almost surreal. They are doing so well. Kira is just about the age I was when I first started escorting orphans adopted by Americans from India. Willson says it is just as he expected: the noise, the traffic. He is also already blogging!

Our last volunteer Patti arrives this afternoon and tonight it is dinner at BBQ on Park Street. Later we will post some photos.

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