Friday, January 21, 2011

“The connections we make in the course of a life - maybe that’s what heaven is.”

Monday we went to the first vocational school of Empower the Children: Praroyna 1 or in english, Inspiration 1. And let me tell you, each and every one of these girls has a light inside of them that shines brighter than anything you’ve ever seen..inspiring all who have the honor of looking into their eyes and having that immediate connection. As soon as we got there it we were greeted by their beautiful smiling faces along with a sign that read, “To Our Loving Volunteers, Welcome” (not in that order! but beautifully thoughtful none the less)
Each time we visited one of the Praryona schools we worked on a project with the students. At P1 we made small bags (that resemble a clutch purse back at home!) All of us students, volunteers, teachers, and Rosalie gathered in one of the two rooms of the school and saw that each of the girls had already embroidered a piece of fabric with their names along with one of our names. After we found our partner we sat down together with a needle, thread, a pencil, another piece of fabric, and decorative ribbons and beads and made our one of kind, priceless clutch!
My girl’s name was Ruma and she was so sweet! Very patient with me and my lack of sewing skills; I took forever to do 10 stitches and finally she so kindly looked up at me and gave me a “I’ll take it from here” kind of look.
I felt so special, so happy, so honored! to have been given this purse. It holds so much meaning for me! It was something that we worked on together, a connection that we shared that no one will ever be able to take away from either of us no matter what happens. We laughed and laughed even though we barely spoke any of each other’s native language. It was truly a beautiful thing!

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