Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting ready for Kolkata, India

Here are beautiful children at Preyrona School in Kolkata welcoming our Humanitarian Travel Abroad group in 2010. Once again, I am getting ready for a week in India volunteering with Empower the Children. This year, our group consists of 12 people. This includes my daughter Kira and our youngest traveler, my 13 year-old son, Willson. We have artists, photographers, social workers and lawyers on our team. We will complete art and photography projects that go overseas to donors who provide free lunches to these children who attend school in the slum. In addition, we will learn about traditional scrolls and create our own memories at the Rehabilitation Center for Children, visit the residents at Prabartak Home for mentally challenged adults and travel to Kharmagachi to learn about vocational programs aimed at low caste women. There will be plenty of touring, shopping and eating delicious Bengali food as well. I am looking forward to wishing Mrs. Smith of the Fairlawn Hotel a very happy birthday too. I first stayed at the Fairlawn in 1978 and I think Mrs. Smith has aged much more gracefully than I have! You can view the hotel at It is an historical oasis in the heart of 'Old Calcutta.'

These volunteer programs are all made possible through the amazing organizational skills of Rosalie Giffoniello. Please visit to learn more. Look for posts by other group members and please feel free to add your comments!

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