Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello! from Kolkata! =)

My first post of the trip!
Tate, Willson, and I are relaxing in our room after a beautiful day in Kolkata.
We woke up around 6:30 am to shower and get ready. It's quite a routine filling my glass with bottled water to rinse my toothbrush, always remembering to leave the faucet off, then washing my hands with soap and faucet water to only reach for the anti-bacterial hand sanitizer -LOL. The Fairlawn Hotel itself is just beautiful. As you walk down its driveway you are greeted under the owner's, Mrs. Smith's balcony that connects to the main lobby where every part of the room is painted a bright jade-like green. Even the wicker chairs match! Hanging all over the hotel are strings of white, green, and red lights to accompany the (fake, but beautiful!) hanging fruit on vines. The lobby leads into the dining area where breakfast is served. Today I had the sweetest pineapple I've ever tasted along with perfectly poached eggs, toast, and tea. We then packed up and got on a mini bus for a 10 hour tour!
The whole day was just incredible. A city of contrasts is how we keep referring to Kolkata, with all of its beauty you will see the exact opposite as well. It is truly astounding and all I can do at this point is JUST EXPERIENCE. Words cannot describe how thrilled I am to be here and about the things we'll be doing the rest of the week!!

Tata for now, darlings ;) . . .

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