Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pretty Politics on the Wall

Do you know about my fascination with graffiti art and politics? Reprinted from from Al Jazeera, painted walls in Lebanon.

Walls That Speak

The graffiti on the walls of Beirut offers an intriguing insight into both the city and the psyche of its people.

Last Modified: 03 Apr 2013 13:06
The walls of Beirut talk volumes about the city and its habitants. Many of the city's bullet-scarred walls are covered in words, drawings, signs, slogans and graffiti art. They offer a glimpse both of a vibrant and emerging art culture as well as the abiding dark force of political sectarianism.

"Walls communicate with people in different ways. Sometimes they
whisper. Sometimes they shout. And sometimes they choose to speak more eloquently," says Tarek Chemali, a researcher. "Walls keep many memories and express opinions."

Which country has more female than male science majors?

From Unesco. Are you surprised?

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