Monday, June 9, 2014

Love Letters 'Home'

A mural by New York artist Steve Powers, painted across E. Eager Street rowhouses that will soon be torn down, towers over people walking by and taking photographs. Powers Tweeted June 3 "love letter"

Like salt in your food, graffiti adds flavor to urban landscapes. Graffiti art can be subversive, poetic, cultural, decorative, destructive, temporary or permanent. Other blogs on this site have addressed various aspects of graffiti.

Here's more from the Baltimore Sun: "love letters" to the locals on buildings targeted for removal. Estimates vary, but Business Insider reports nearly 47,000 vacant houses with 16,000 of those officially registered. These numbers include entire city blocks of abandoned row homes. Some advocate housing the homeless in vacant houses but repairs to make the spaces habitable are too costly.

For the full story go to "Artist previews mural projects in East Baltimore."

A large "V" painted across abandoned rowhouses as part of the "Forever Together" mural on E. Eagers Street in Baltimore. 

Purple paint covers marble steps in front of abandoned rowhouses on E. Eager Street. 

A second mural by New York artists Steve Powers covers the side of an abandoned building and faces N.Milton Street.

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