Friday, October 5, 2012

(Mis)understanding Islam

The blog, Muslim Voices, Voices and Visions: Islam and Muslims from a Global Perspective, promotes "intercultural dialogue and understanding between Muslims and Non-Muslims through podcasts, videos, public events, art exhibits, and discussions." Based at Indiana University, their web site states:

Voices and Visions: Islam and Muslims from a Global Perspective is a project of Indiana University comprised of various initiatives and activities that are all dedicated to promoting understanding and dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims. The project aims to:
  • Increase intercultural understanding by providing access to the voices and visions of Islam and Muslims locally and around the world.
  • Inform and promote dialogue as it tackles the complexities of Islam and the often complicated relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • Replace misinformation, mistrust, and oversimplifications with awareness, consideration, dialogue, and a diversity of voices.
  • Promote accessible scholarship, forthright communication, balanced viewpoints, and the value of the many voices and visions of Islam
I want to thank them for featuring a post about Humanitarian Travel Abroad's 2012 trip to Kolkata and our volunteer work in Dhaksindari slum. The visit was organized by Empower the Children and the amazing Roslie Giffoniello.

Here is the current featured video from Muslim Voices, "What Do You Think People Misunderstand Most About Islam?"

Also read, Volunteer India.

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