Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Corawill's Helping Hands in Vratsa


For our third consecutive year, Corawill, Inc. visited Assen Zlaterov social home in Vratsa. Our volunteers included students and alumni from Western Connecticut State University and the university of Connecticut, Torrington, a Danbury High School student and lawyer.

The building is in constant need of repair. We donated funds towards the renovation of the boy's bathrooms, which was completed shortly after we left. We have also put money renovation of the girls' bathrooms and will continue to fund raise so that this can be completed next summer.

We played sports, took the children swimming at the community pool and on an outing to Ledenika Cave, wrote poems, created art masterpieces, played games (UNO, puzzles, matching game) and helped paint the older girl's rooms - the latter alongside a wonderful group of volunteers from Holland. The week ended with a talent show and pizza party, with singing dancing and other special talents. Needless to say, the children were stronger in the talent department than the volunteers! We also made S'mores, a new treat for the kids and they loved it.

We'll see the children again next year the first week of August. For more information about volunteering with Corawill, email Jeannie at

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