Friday, March 7, 2014

Models Shrink Wrapped on Runway


In her Paris show, Iris van Herpen shrink wrapped models. The most asked question on Instagram: how do they breathe (through tubes). If the point is to elicit an uncomfortable, claustrophobic, visceral feeling of revulsion - Iris, you have succeeded. While your runway show received lots of attention, I, for one, cannot describe any of your fashion designs. Moreover, the fashion magazine Elle  pictured two shrink wrapped women but no runway models wearing your new designs. In the accompanying article Elle applauded your inventiveness, but called the show "a chilling, super creepy display." In other articles I skimmed your clothes were also an afterthought to the girls in the plastic bags: eyes closed, fetal position, as if asleep, unborn, in their 'wombs.'

It is suggested the idea may have come from Lawrence Malstaf who shrink wrapped male and female 'volunteers' in an installation piece with "the intention . . .  to encourage people to consider the threat to their survival and how they protect themselves when under threat." Are models shrink wrapped on the runway thinking about threats to their survival? 

I am also disturbed by Damien Hirst's "Away from the Flock." There is enough sadness and pain in life without having the same evoked through art or fashion.

Lawrence Malstaf at Galerie Fortlaan

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